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Individual Masters' project, 2018.

Conception of an educational online shopping plug-in to encourage sustainable farming.


Apart from avoiding pesticides, very few consumers know what sustainable farming looks like and why it’s important. This project encourages truly sustainable farming, beyond just organic. It was developed throughout conversations with consumers, farmers, and organic distributors. MYCELIA ia an educational website plugin that informs online shoppers about sustainable farming practices and why they matter. The users will receive new snippets of information each time they buy products. MYCELIA harnesses the political power of consumer’s choice to help sustainable farmers develop their practice. And it gives struggling farmers an easy way to communicate what they are doing.



Group project for LATRA, 2017.

Conception of service and products that facilitate the creation of well-being objects in refugee camps.


The project was designed during a Design4Peace hackathon organized by LATRA, a humanitarian innovation studio set up in a refugee camp in Lesvos, Greece. Our team then continued working on the project with LATRA after the hackathon.


The aim of this project is to help refugees take advantage of the versatility of the core relief items discarded in the refugee camps. Most of the core relief items last less than 12 months and create enormous amounts of waste in the camps. The items can be redesigned into well-being objects for their benefit.



Group research, Individual project, 2017.

Conception of an urban greening service to improve air quality in London.

It's quite well-known that plants improve the air quality by filtering toxic gases and trapping particles. Having a variety of plants at different heights ensures that air pollution doesn't get trapped under the trees. My service allows Londoners to book a planter to use as their own personal garden, therefore allowing residents to take ownership of the city.

During this project, many service design methodologies were applied : interviews, personas, placemaking, storyboards, service wheel, stakeholder map...



Individual BTS Diploma project, in 2015. Design of a set of sorting bins encouraging the user to sort his garbage and making this task easier.

These removable bins are grouped into a kitchen cabinet drawer. The glass bin has handles, and a bag-like shape, that helps the user cary it to the glass containers. It is made of 100% recycled elastomer, a flexible and lightweight material allowing the user to fold the bin once emptied. The compost bin can attach itself onto any table allowing the user to push the green waste into it. The bin's lid doubles as a cutting board. The board is made of bamboo, a water-tight, dimensionally stable, durable and environmentally friendly material.



Individual project, 2015. Conception of an eco-friendly fresh food packaging.

The production of fruit is more polluting than the production of its packaging. So it is best to pack fragile fruits that are often wasted. This packaging is made of a bio-based film with a cellular structure that protects the fragile skin of fruit such as peaches. The user can completely dissolve the packaging by cleaning the fruit under water just before consumption. The package contains sodium bicarbonate to clean the traces of pesticides and dangerous bacteria. There are no biological peaches in Quebec. Therefore these fruit contain many pesticides.


Collaboration with Anne Krieg, ceramist, 2016. Design and manufacture of a set of portable exhibition furniture.


The cubes serve as protection and storage during transport, as well as display during exhibitions. The shelves, which are very lightweight, can be folded to optimize transport. The furniture was made with the help of a shared workshop.



Individual project of visual expression, 2015.
Conception of a set of hanging porcelain planters which light up at night.


By day the porcelain planters appear smooth and opaque. But at night, LEDs light up depending on the Arduino micro-controller's program. The light shines through the thinnest areas of the porcelain, thus revealing the engraved pattern inside.


The project has, since then, been re-designed to be produced in a porcelain factory and will soon be comercialized.



Individual project, winner of the design Verallia Creation Contest, 2015, elected best project for the "jars" category. Conception of a set of glass containers on the theme of sharing and conviviality.

I designed a system of containers that allows users to consume a variety of desserts. Once they're done eating, diners can flip the containers upside down and stack them to build a Russian palace.


The project has, since then, been re-designed to be produced in a porcelain factory and will soon be comercialized.



Group project with Jeffrey Doruff and Yaji Chiao, in partnership with Huawei, 2017. Conception of a smartphone accessory.


We sought to provide users with versatile and engaging ways to expand their style and

creativity. The LOOP is a companion accessory that combines the full range of photographic capabilities of the Huawei smartphone, with the movements used when operating a professional camera. As the LOOP acts as a controller for the phone’s dual lens camera, the artist can view, from a distance, what the camera sees, adjust the camera’s settings and functions, and capture portraits that you could not take otherwise.



Individual project, 2015. Conception of a set of light modules of variable sizes reminiscent of lily pads random dispersion in water.


The back of each module is illuminated, producing indirect lighting. The front of each module is less translucent than the rear to avoid dazzling the user and to maintain its decorative function even when the lamp is off. The modules can be positioned freely and can thus be adapted to different spaces. It can be a public transit space (hotel lobby or company) or a private space (living room). There are three tube sizes and various lily heads. They are interchangeable and allow users to play with the light effects created by the depth and layering.

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